Jonah ‘Skiver’ Jones

Physics doodle  One

Jonah Jones, the psychic-goalie of Rookwood Town F.C. spent far too much of his morning sitting in numbed agony through an hour and ten minutes of double Physics… something about ticker-tape-timers and working out what gravity is in meters per second per second or some such nonsense…

Whilst staring out the window watching Second Year scruffs slog through the cold rain around the the rugby pitch towards the finishing line of their cross-country run, Jonah took to doodling a tree in the margin of his exercise book… it proved such an excellent distraction that he then set earnestly to work on the back cover of said exercise book drawing the wood grain of his work bench…


Doing so successfully killed the last twenty minutes before lunch break… but with the prospect of double Geography followed by Maths and French, Jonah knew there was precisely no chance whatsoever that he would be coming back for the afternoon’s entertainments… after all, skiving came so easily to him that it wasn’t second nature to him… it was the root and core, the tooth and claw of who he was…




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