Crowds of Crows


Squat, rain-sodden, quick-eyed crows, as black as coke sacks

The odd corpse-scrounging so-and-so amongst hoards of grey-cowled jacks

Crouch in doom-laden rows

Chiming slights, inspiring spats

Gossips gossip and snipers snipe; always stirring

Spurring protesters to issue vendettas and thinly veiled threats of war

Parties parley, sneering and snarling, like bunting flags

Strung between trees, they stream back and forth

When crowds of crows gang together, they excite peer group pleasure

But in freedom there is open debate and inevitably some altercate

And by squawk of beak they create

A vaguely prophesied, state-despised dissenter

Who measure by measure, increases peer group pressure

Makes pacts and breaks contracts, attacks and back-tracks

Spins lies together with abstract facts

Even claims to be God’s ultimate successor

But in the clatter of harsh chatter, shrill chinks like splitting flints

They petition yet another contender

Create disquiet amongst the fickle, quarrel and squabble, chivvy and quibble

And then pronounce an even newer messiah…

And so it goes on, twixt sunrise and the twilight of yet another dimsy

Realigning their boundaries, reassigning their territories

For the ten millionth time

In the last thousand crow-blighted centuries



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