Remote Viewing

Dusk over the VastInvisibly alone in the deepest darkest pocket of space… I’m conscious of every single second of existence, but have nothing against which to measure the passing of time…

Then, after presumably millions upon millions of excruciating years, an exhausted photon from an out-of-sight star cluster to my right limped, grey and sluggishly before me…

By sheer fluke of coincidence, an equally exhausted photon from an equally distant galaxy to my left, slugged equally grey and limpingly, before me…

In the very moment of their mutual expiry the two photons met, collapsing gently, the one simultaneously against the other…

The consequent blast was so immediately and so profoundly vast that I was incapable of comprehending the least of it… but in the searing light of the new sun I caught a glimpse of myself for the first time in aeons… before being blown violently head-first back through space and time, landing in my bed with a gasping paralysed jolt…

“Hey, it’s ok… you’re just dreaming…” she whispered sleepily.

But we both knew I wasn’t.



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