State of the Union

Alyse 1

Bored, under-achieving
self-absorbed, self-deceiving

Withdrawn, constantly day-dreaming
deeply flawed, scorned and reeling


Edge of the abyss?

Promised my Lady Alyse, in hope of healing
But seeking forgiveness or simply scheming?

Why live like this?
I am leaving

state of the union 3


Dreaming of Joss Dreaming

Joss top 1

September spiders
range across the sofa
Joss, dead pale and gaping
sleeps ever on

To my horror they synchronize
and tip-toe closer

My silent screams
can’t hope to wake him
from the dreams that over take him
way beyond

Joss bottom 1

Joss end 1

Gift-Horse Dentist

My Man Kemp

Well squire, you amaze me
never thought I’d live to see the day
when you’d sniff at an easy monkey

Good money for a simple job
collect the gear, go make the drop

And there’s you all bleary eyed
rubbing your bristly chin
with no more idea than a fly

Whether you’re up and about or still dreaming in the sack
whether you’re out on foot patrol or clinging to a horse’s back

I mean to say, where’s the worry?
in-out, bish-bosh
nice ‘n’ neat ‘n’ tidy

If you set off at dawn my friend, you’d be back by middle-night
the Finnons’ may be dodgy geezers but they will always see you right

Could be Jonah-the-laughing-boy, who’s copped a pretty monkey
to pay his way, as sound as a pound
nobody’s filthy flunky

Do me a favour, I’m too busy see?
get yourself together, earn yourself the fee…

Gift Horse Dentist






Mind-blown cipher
wind-blown along a
faint and futile looping lifeline

Certain only of possessing
neither free-will
nor a creator and saviour’s devine design

Clown 2

Rowboat Wreck

Rowboat Wreck

I’ve waited forever
for you to come down
from the oriole in your tower
way up in the clouds

Where I hope you are embroidering
your sheer silk wedding dress
sewing millions of silver sequins on
with the finest golden threads

And I wonder if you gaze
your apple-green eyes
across this supermarine lake and this

Searching the fine
dividing, horizon line
for a galleons full sail
not this rowboat wreck of mine

Rowboat Wreck 2 (2)